Get More Local Offline Business Online with Zero Cost Marketing - The Course

Get More Local Offline Business
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AND . . . the course is in its 4th Revision. We have to stay current with the technology you know. Check back in April. We'll be starting a new class then. Thanks __Mike

Under The Radar Local Business Web Developer Reveals The Truth Most Web Developers Don't Want Local Small Business Owners To Know . . .
Local Small Business Online Zero Cost Marketing

Sound far fetched? Once you understand just how simple technology has made Zero Cost Online Marketing for local business owners, you'll wonder why you haven't heard about this before . . .

Here is the TRUTH most local business website developers don't want you to know . . . If you are computer savvy enough to cut, copy, paste and type, with simple point and click instructions you can:

  •   Develop your own professional looking, clean, fast loading business website
  •   Customize your own website business graphics/images
  •   Know exactly what terms consumers search for to find your business
  •   Optimize your website so can be found easily under those search terms
  •   Automatically build an Email Database of proven local buyers in your market
  •   Do it all with the Private Real Time Tutoring of a 14 year Internet Marketing Veteran
Now here is where the Push Button Customers On Demand part comes in . . .

Picture this scenario:

  1. You have a website for your local business that comes up on the first page of "GOOGLE Local Business Listings" under the search terms consumers search on to find the type of products or services you offer

  2. You use the proper formula on your web site to entice prospects and current customers to subscribe to your Preferred Customer List

  3. Your Preferred Customer Email List grows in direct proportion to the amount of new local visits your website gets. (Obviously this will vary depending on demand for your products, demographics etc.)

  4. For example's sake, lets say you only get 150 new prospects and customers on your email contact list in 120 days. So you whip up a full color, full page ad for some 3 day promotion for the people on your email list. You copy and paste your special promotion notice into your email marketing system and push the button to send.

  5. Over the next 3 days a large percentage of those email list customers come in and spend MONEY! They show up with the your full page ad that has a coupon number on it. (You use that for tracking response rates of course.)

. . . . AND LIFE IS GOOD! Does your email contact list get smaller? Not if you treat the people on your list right. It keeps growing automatically by word of mouth, continued Zero Cost Online Marketing and Search Engine traffic. Now be aware.

WARNING: This course has nothing to do with conducting business online; E-Commerce (Selling products or services online), is another course entirely. 

This course is for local U.S. local business owners that want to drive leads, prospects and customers to their local business location through their online web presence. 

Now let's think about our scenario for a moment. Did you have to shell out big bucks for a conventional offline print ad that you could only hope would bring in enough business to pay for the ad and maybe a slight profit?

NO! Because once you're local online marketing system is set up you don't have to spend one red cent for online advertising that GUARANTEED increased business.

So How Can You Cut, Copy, Paste and Type Your Way To A Successful Business Website?

There's really no secret to it. It's just a Process. Anybody can do it by learning everything they need to know on their own, through trial and error. It might take you a year or 2. And along the way you'll be buying every scrap of information they can find on and offline in an effort to refine the process. Why? It's IMPOSSIBLE to find it all in one place, for one price with private training included.

Then of course you would need to test every piece of information you've bought or found to see what really works and what doesn't. More trial and error. But yes; eventually anyone can figure out the process on their own.

There are people that have worked out the process for themselves and a couple of years from their start are experiencing some pretty amazing results. Your local business competitors may be one of them. Think about that. Now think about being able to spy on your local online competitors legally to find out what they are doing to end up in top search result positions.

Avoiding The Trial And Error Turmoil

That is where my course: "Get More Local Business Online" comes in.

What's In It For You? For less than you would pay the average web developer to design a one page billboard page with your name, phone number and email address on it; here is what you will get from my course:

  1. You'll learn how chose the best search terms (Keywords and phrases) to use, so consumers in your targeted market will find your site online easily through search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO!, MSN (Now BING), and others.

    You'll learn how to legally spy on your online local competitors to uncover their search engine marketing keyword strategies and capitalize on that intelligence gathering.
  2. You get 5 Website templates NO HTML CODING REQUIRED, specifically designed to work with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), FREE web page editing software. It works just like a desk top publisher, (M/S Word, WordPad, Open Office Write and many email programs).

    All templates are pre-coded for SEO and are 8 page sites including these pages:
    Home, About Us, Products/Services, Contact Us (With operational feed back form), Hours and Location (With a system your visitors enter their address and the system returns a map and  driving directions to your business location.), Opt-In form to build your email contact list, Advertised Special Page and a Coupon Page. All pages are already interlinked.

    Once you've written your text content (Don't worry it's not hard), you just copy and paste it into your web page. You can customize these templates with the simple point and click instructions included. (There are literally thousands of FREE beautifully designed business site templates available online to use as well.)
  3. You'll learn how to use a simple Point, Click and Type image software that will allow you to produce your own stunning custom web page header images and more. (Examples) All of these example images were completed in less than 10 minutes. One was completed by my 7 year old grandson in 10 minutes.
  4. You'll learn how to upload your website to your host web server by clicking 3 buttons.
  5. You'll learn how to advertise and promote your website at ZERO Dollar Cost ($ØØ.ØØ).
  6. You'll learn how to use an email marketing system that will automatically build your database of local proven prospects and buyers of your products or services so you can use the most powerful aspect of online marketing; emailing full page, full color ads directly to interested prospects and customers in your marketing area.
How long will it take you to complete the course and start seeing a significant Return On Investment of your time and effort? It will vary of course on how much time you can initially devote to deploying your Zero Cost Local Online Marketing system.

I have seen business owners or their employees make the time, and by doing marathon sessions, have everything finished in 3 to 5 days. Others pace them selves and schedule their online efforts around their offline business activities. They can finish in a few weeks or even a few months, (Doing online work only a few hours a week).

Right about now you may be thinking, "That STILL seems like a lot to learn"! Yes you will gain a fair amount of knowledge with this course but it's not like you are going to be doing it all by yourself!

Yes You Read It Right! I Will Be Your Private Trainer and Coach

So how does the Private Training work? 

It's pretty simple actually. If you are one of the next 10 Business owners to purchase my course, after you payment is processed you will be transferred to a page with my contact information, (Including my private office phone number), some basic instructions and a short questionnaire where you'll need to enter your contact information, they type of business you own and whether or not you already have a website.

Next we will will arrange a time for out initial discovery call to discuss the course as it pertains to your business.

Then we will have a total of 5 one hour training calls/classes as our schedules allow. During the calls we will be conducting a virtual online networked meeting where I will be able to see what you are doing on your computer and guide you through what ever you need help with or I can give you access to my computer and you can watch me click through a task we are working on. It will be like having your own web development trainer right there in your office with you. Ya gotta love that technology

Between scheduled calls you will be able to instant message me. It will be like having me just down the hall in another office.

As long as you follow the instructions and tutorials included with the course, complete your assignments between training calls and come to each call prepared, by the time we conclude the 5th training call your site should be launch ready for the promotion phase.  Once again just Cut, Copy, Paste and Type tasks. No messing with HTML code, installing server programs or any other techie stuff.

So Who Is This Author/Trainer/Coach?

Hi there,

Mike Claggett here. I have been designing and promoting websites since 1995; back in the Windows 3.1 days. Back then if you wanted a website there was none of this point and click software. You hard coded the html and CGI you needed to display a interactive webpage in Note Pad.Mike Claggett

So having learned the hard way, I became a devout proponent of the KISS Method.  I have welcomed every single technical break through that makes life online easier for a developer and marketer. If a software is a FREE Internet technical advancement that makes technical things less technical, I probably either know about it, tested it or currently use it and share it with my clients.
Entrepreneurs On Call
I am a 14 year full time home based Internet business veteran. I am the Co-Owner of a business site with my partner Dale Stefancic. Our business is dedicated to assisting local small business entrepreneurs from across the U.S. leverage the power of the Internet. Our site is Entrepreneurs On Call and features Dale's Small Business Radio Talk Show, where he Interviews the mega-successful entrepreneurs who are experts in various fields having to do with starting, owning and managing a successful small business.

Currently I virtually own 11 different small niche markets online which had put me in a semi-retired position. I still kept my 'fingers in the Internet Marketing pie' by consulting with and training local business owners to market their local businesses online successfully.

A few years back Dale called me with a vision for a website to support his Radio Talk Show.

I immediately saw the value of the services he wanted to offer to small business entrepreneurs and signed on as his web developer, administrator,  trainer and Co-Owner of what became

Here is what a few of our client/friends have to say:

Carl Galletti When I've commissioned Mike to build "No Tech Required" tutorials for my software products, I know the result will serve my customers well and reduce my support issues.

After reviewing this current work he's produced for EOC, I tried to talk him into letting me turn it into a 4 day "Marketing Local Online" training event @ about $1500 a head. Sadly for me but fortunately for his customers, he said that would go against their EOC Mission statement.
Carl Galletti

Carl Galletti - Online Entrepreneur, author, speaker… The producer/host of the 8 year running "Annual Internet Marketing Super Conference".

He is known by professional Internet Marketers around the world for products like his, "Copywriter Protégé Program" and Private Label Rights" Online Membership.

Carl has risen to the top of the world of direct-response advertising and is now considered by many to be one of the best freelance copywriters and marketing experts in the country.

And If you are selling online, need ad copy with sky high ROI, Carl's your man.

Mike C.

Jeremy Burns I've known and worked with Mike for over 2 years now. In that time he has proven himself to be one of the most knowledgeable Internet Marketers I know.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on any of his work, learn it and take action on what you've learned and find out what Internet ROI is really about.
Jeremy J Burns

Jeremy Burns - CEO of SevenFourteen, Inc. - If you haven't done any Online Marketing, it's doubtful you would be familiar with who Jeremy Burns is.

Now think about how hard it would be to get first page positions for a search term with 60 million listings and you'll get an idea of the reputation this man has online.

Probably best known for his "Source Code Gold Mine" Re-Brandable I-Marketing products, he produces the premier Private Label Source Code Products for Internet Marketers

I'm proud to call Jeremy my friend, teacher and trusted confidant.

Mike C.

Steve Jones I wish I had listened to Mike when he first started talking to me about putting my business online. But there I was being old fashioned, admittedly a little pig headed but also considering closing the doors to my practice forever.

The state of California severely restricted Chiropractic care for workman's comp coverage approximately 4 years ago and caused a lot of Chiropractors to throw in the towel. My practice was hemorrhaging cash behind ineffective Yellow Page and other print advertising that was delivering no new patients.

Finally with Mike's guidance and instruction I have first page search result positions for "Chiropractor in San Diego 92108" and other killer search terms. It took a little while but now I get 5 to 8 new patients a week from Zero Cost Online Marketing.

If you're business is floundering or you just need more business, Mike's non-techie instructions can put your business online so it's easy to find, making your phone and cash register ring.
Dr Steven Jones

Here is what can happen when a student of my course follows my
course instructions and takes advantage of of the private training:

First keep in mind Dr. Jones is only 1 of 459
Chiropractors in his and the 5 surrounding zip codes.

Copy this search term: Chiropractor San Diego 92108

Search that term One of his sites is #5 In "Local
Business Results" and below you'll find him listed #2 in organic

Dr. Steven R Jones D.C..C. - Jones Chiropractic Center. I had been seeing Steve for spinal alignment maintenance adjustments for several years. We had gotten to be pretty good friends over time. One day he confided in me that he thought he was going to have to close his practice, I was in shock.

Not only was I going to have to hunt for another Chiropractor I trusted, but here was a friend of mine in serious business trouble.

Brief History: Dr. Jones purchased a thriving Chiropractic practice in 1993. Basically all was well with Steve's world. Yellow Page ads were drawing, as well as other print advertising. Income was excellent and growing even though he was competing with about 450 other Chiropractors in the same 5 zip code area.

Adversity Strikes: The state of California severely restricted Chiropractic care for workman's comp coverage approximately 4 years ago. That government decision cost Dr. Jones to lose close to 30% of his patient load which equated to 50% of his revenues. This happened almost overnight.

Initial Solution: Throw more money at the problem in the way of conventional advertising. Dr. Jones went from running a ¼ page ad in the Yellow Pages to a full page ad. $3,500.00 per month for his Yellow Page ad and other print ads now added up to almost $4000.00 per month for conventional print advertising with no new patience to justify it.

Initially Steve said he just couldn't see how the World Wide Web could help him save his Small LOCAL Business. I finally talked him into at least giving it a try. Now I no longer have to worry about finding another Chiropractor I can trust.

Mike C.

Gary Goldsmith Mike,

Just a note to say thanks again for being so patient with me and my total lack of Internet knowledge. It's amazing when I think about how much I've learned in such a short period of time with your support and tutorials.

My site has picked up 60 new members online and local membership dues have sky rocketed. The installation of the script that runs my Ham Radio site and the help files you built have made it a real hit with the members. Now I guess it's time to move on to actually going through the site promotion part of your course :o)

Oh and thanks again for the excellent job you did on graphics package.
Gary Goldsmith

Gary Goldsmith - CEO of GSG, Inc.

Gary is a prime example of what the most novice Internet marketers can do with Zero Cost Online Marketing when they take a pro-active approach toward learning something completely foreign to them.

Here is a guy that has taken his hobby, Ham Radio" and turned it into a growing concern by acquiring the right knowledge, instruction and support, then diligently applying what he learned at least long enough to see some returns on his efforts. He also isn't at all sheepish about asking for help.

Some people new to Internet Marketing are afraid their questions may be perceived as lame or dumb. No question is a dumb question if you don't know the answer. I'm very proud of Gary and look forward to more good reports from his like this one.

Stay after it Gary, you're doing great.

Mike C.

Back to why You're here - NOW You Know There Is A Way For Your Business To Get It's Share Of Consumers That Search For Local Businesses Online

AND It's A Way You Can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS By Doing It Yourself
(With me in your coaching corner)

Do It Right And Soon You May Be Able To Stop Throwing Money
Down That Never Ending, No Longer Paying Off
Conventional Offline Advertising BLACK HOLE!

By now I imagine you have to be thinking: "This guy has got to want some REALLY Big Bucks for this course, tutorials and training." . . . . RIGHT?

If that is what you think, then you may have missed our mission statement. Sure we could have taken Carl Galletti up on his deal and turned this into $1500.00 per seat, "4 Day Marketing Offline Online" boot camp. (And he can easily fill a couple hundred seats - think about it.)

Or we could package it as a $695.00 Physical Product, printed and bound with tutorials on DVDs. Nope, that would still put it out of the reach of some small business people in these hard economic times.

I wanted to completely remove the money obstacle from small business owners joining the 21st century with a fully functional business website of their own, that makes it easy for local consumers to find them on line.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL: For LESS than the average reputable web developer will do a 1 page website with graphics (About $350.00), here's what you'll get with my course:

  1. The 130 page course I poured 14 years of experience into
  2. The Step by Step, Click by Click tutorials that show you how to implement what you learn from the course and training
  3. 5 Prefabricated Interactive Website Templates to chose from, , all interlinked that we will customize for your business with your logo graphics and content (Or use other free templates online)
  4. 5 Training sessions, my private office number and Instant Messenger access

Plus I'm Including The Following for FREE ! ! !

Bonus # 1
150 + Web Page Ad Graphics
($67.00 Value)

Professionally Designed
Color Coordinated Sets of Eye Popping
Pre-Labeled OR Blank - Add Your Own Text

  •  Bullets
  •  Buttons
  •  Arrows
  •  Splashes
  •  Register Now
  •  Check Marks
  •  Sales Tags
  •  Special Offer
  •  Guarantees
  •  Limited Time Offer
  •  While Supply Lasts
  •  Internet Insiders Only
Bonus # 2
Afraid You Can't Handle The Juggling Act?

There is a way, "Net/Biz Time Management"
($47.00 Value)

Not Your Average Time Management Book
Does thinking about managing your offline business, and then adding an online side to your business make you wish you were 2 people? Never enough time in a day to get it all done Now? Do you find yourself thinking "How am I ever going to get all my regular business duties done and create and manage a web presence too?

There is a science to time management. It's not rocket science, and it's not hard. It takes knowing how you're spending your time, and maximizing your productive time for the best results.

So where do you find the time to handle Your Offline Business and Net Business? You Need A Plan Man... However, if you find yourself spending too much time at the "Procrastination Station", there is usually a reason for that and you can overcome putting off those projects that are not things you like to do, but know you have to get done. There are some great exercises in this work that will help you better manage your business time so you don't end up at the Procrastination Station. You CAN Do It!


With almost 200 MILLION Internet users In the U.S. and that figure growing every day . . .

. . . and Consumers with Internet Service Using the Internet 82% of the time to find local businesses,

. . . and you have an opportunity to get your share of that local Internet Business

. . . and Doing It Yourself could save you Literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS . . . .

. . . and potentially generate Literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE in business revenue . . . .

Can you really afford to pass up an opportunity to learn:

  •   How to set up your own Web Presence Management System

  •   How to do your Keyword Research to Optimize Your Web Pages for the Search Engines

  •   How to spy on your online competitors (Legally!) and beat them at their own game

  •   How to write keyword rich compelling web page copy in about 15 minutes

  •   How to customize your web graphics from 1,000+ professionally designed templates

  •   How to Customize your own business website pages with point and click ease

  •   How to Promote Your Business Website and Build A Viable Web Presence

  •   How to build an ever growing Local Email Contact List of Customers and Prospects

  •   And get personal training from the author of this course
Knowing you'll be able to do it all with free software, website templates, graphics, tools and resources with simple to follow click by click instructions included  . . . . .

Can You Afford To Pass Up This Opportunity
to Invest In Yourself ? ? ?

We Guarantee It's The Best

No Other Local Business Online Zero Cost Marketing Course Provides What "Get More Local Business Online" provides; GUARANTEED!

If you find another Local Business Online Zero Cost Marketing Course that you believe contains all of the training, support and everything that makes up the lessons you'll find in, "Get More Local Business Online", just provide us with your proof of purchase of the other course you purchased and we will happily refund the purchase price of our course immediately no questions ask.

Understand that when you provide proof of purchase of another other course you have chosen to use and request a refund of all charges for this course, we will deny access to your course, tutorials and support. The site templates, marketing and the bonuses will be yours to keep as our way of saying thank you for trying my course,

"Get More Local Business Online"

SO . . . Yes You Get The Course, The Tutorials, The Training Calls, The Support, the Bonuses Valued @ OVER $270.00 and an iron clad guarantee that you've purchased the best course available . . . .


Normally to run your email marketing campaigns, you would rent @ $19.95 per Month, an email auto-responder system to handle your newsletters, "On Sale" or "Special Offer" email broadcasts to your contact list . . . HOWEVER . . .

For our course pre-launch Dale and I have purchased 20 Licenses to
The "Multi-Responder" . . . .
Fast Action Bonus
Multi-Responder Automated
Email Marketing System
($87.00 Value Including Install)

Sign Up Now and Save the Almost
$240.00 Per Year . . .
. . . You Would Normally Spend To Rent A Similar System! We will install this system on your website domain server for you free of charge. You own it period! Once you have your domain name registered and have rented space on a website host server, you just send us you login information and we install and test the system for you. Once Installed, you select a few options and copy and paste in your offers and the system will:
  • Automatically Follow up with pre-written offers. Just set the Send/When Intervals.

  • Automatically notifies you of new sign ups

  • Automatically Tracks your Ad Campaigns

The install is completed within 2 business days of when you send me your domain login info, then I'll send you notification of the install being completed and tested along with . . . you guessed it . . . a step by step, click by click tutorial so you can set up your first opt-in list and copy and paste the code the system generates for you, into your opt-in forms on your web pages.

At this point you can set your email marketing system on Auto-Pilot and it will continue to send you business whenever you want to push that button.

20 Multi-Responder Licenses Purchased

20, 19, 18, 17, 16 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

Only 14 Licenses Left. There will be no more when they're gone!

Private Training Positions Left

20, 19, 18, 17, 16 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
(After this last 10, only the support desk, forum and group training call will be available)

Your Total Investment in This Learning Asset Will Be

ONLY . . . $277.00 (U.S.)
(With The 21st Business Owner's Investment In "Get More Local Business Online" this
Price Will Increase by $100.00/ea to Compensate Additional Support Staff.)

Don't Your Customers Deserve to Find Your Business Online Easily?
Isn't it Time (Maybe past time), You Bring Your Business
Completely Into The 21st Century?

Isn't It Time for YOU To . . .


Pre-Purchase Questions?

P.S. As I'm sure you can imagine, this pre-launch involves a large number of affiliate resellers. So these courses will sell the next 10 in short order. We may temporarily close the offer while we staff up.

Here's hoping your are having a productive and prosperous 2009,

Mike Claggett
(877) 931-3030